Adding Video, GIFs and Attachments to Campaigns

Using video is a great way to engage your subscribers. Email clients don't all support the ability to play video from the inbox, so we recommend the following options if you would like to feature video in your email. 

Use a Static Image with a Play Button

This is by far the most common and recommended way to feature video in your emails. To do this, you will link an image to a hosted version of your video. 

  1. Take a screenshot or create a static image of your video with the play button included
  2. Navigate to Campaigns and select the campaign you would like to edit
  3. Add an image block to the campaign content
  4. Upload image and link to your hosted video
  5. Preview email to verify that it looks and works the way you expected


Use a Static Image with a Play Button

Animated GIFs will work in emails as well as long as it is less than 5MB in size. You would follow similar instructions to uploading a static image and linking. In some cases, you may want to link a shorter GIF out to your hosted video content. Doing this creates the engagement you want in your email and connects out to your full video. 

Adding Attachments to a Campaign

Due to restrictions from email service providers, you can not add an attachment to a campaign. However, you can still follow these steps to to link your subscribers to hosted content and achieve the same goal. 

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