Add a Video or GIF to an Email

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Using video or gif in an email is a great way to engage your subscribers. Email clients don't all support the ability to play video from the inbox, so we recommend the following options if you would like to feature video in your email. 

Using a Static Image with a Play Button

This is by far the most common and recommended way to feature a video in emails is to link an image to a hosted version of your video. 

To do this, take a screenshot or create a static image of your video with the play button included, add an image block to your email, add a link to the hosted video, and preview the email to ensure it works as expected.


Add a GIF

Animated GIFs will work in emails as long as they are less than 5MB in size. You can upload a GIF, just as you would upload a JPEG or PNG, by dragging it into your email template. In some cases, you may want to link a shorter GIF out to hosted video content.  


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