Embed a Survey, Form, or Youtube Video Directly in an Email


Embedding Assets Directly in an Email

Most major email clients (such as Gmail) view embedded content such as surveys, forms, videos, and other widgets as a security threat. These email clients will often strip out this embedded code completely and your recipients will not see your content feature rendered when they open your email.

Klaviyo is committed to setting our customers up for success regarding email template creation and sending beautiful, responsive emails - because our testing shows that these types of features do not reliably render across all major email clients, we don't support embedded surveys, forms, videos, or widgets inside of Klaviyo emails.

That said, there are several ways around this:

  • If your video is hosted on Wistia (or a similar video service), you can access code built for inserting a video into email - rather than embedding the actual video, this code will render a screenshot that links to the hosted video
  • You can insert a thumbnail image of a video into an email and link the image so that, when clicked, it links directly the video hosted by a service such as Youtube, Wistia, Vimeo etc.
  • For forms and surveys, you can use an image or a simple button that links to the hosted form, also.

Above, you will see an example of how you can use the thumbnail of a video - one that includes a play button - to create the appearance of an embedded video.

This image is reality is simply linked to a location where the video is hosted for viewing. Anyone interested in viewing the video will be able to access it, and you won't have to worry about major email clients stripping the video out of your email.

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