Getting Started with Classy & Klaviyo

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Step I. Create your Klaviyo Account

Creating a new Klaviyo account is easy and free. All you have to do is:

  • Go to
  • Click on Sign Up Free in the upper right hand corner
  • Enter your organization's information and click Sign Up

Step II. Klaviyo Setup Wizard

Once you’ve created your account, Klaviyo will walk you through the Setup Wizard. Klaviyo's Setup Wizard is designed to walk you through setting up your account basics. We recommend that you complete each section here before moving on to explore Klaviyo's other features. Within the Setup Wizard, you will be able to:

  • Chose your organization type
  • Integrate a current email platform (to help you transition any past email data)
  • Automate email template creation with your logo, brand colors, and font as well as web and social links
  • Install the Klaviyo web tracking code
  • Add your organization information

The more information you add during this Wizard, the more account setup work Klaviyo will do for you. If you leave the Setup Wizard without completing it, you can navigate back to it at anytime through the Account dropdown menu.

Step III. Integrate Classy

Integrating your Classy account with Klaviyo will allow us to sync key information from Classy into your Klaviyo account in real-time. Once the integration is enabled, you will be able to use your Classy data to personalize and target emails based on each supporter's contribution, fundraising, and web activity.

Review our guide to integrating Classy to learn more about how to integrate and what fundraising data you’ll have access to in Klaviyo. If you have any other platforms you’d like to integrate (e.g. Salesforce, Eventbrite, etc)., you can add them by navigating to the Integrations tab of your account once logged in.

Step IV. Set up Dynamic Segments and Automated Flows

Dynamic Segments

Dynamic segments and automated email flows are two of the most powerful features of the Klaviyo platform, and they provide an easy way for your organization to start saving time and raising more money.

Klaviyo's Segment Builder can be used to quickly slice and dice your contacts based on activity and behavior. For example, you can easily build a segment of everyone who has donated, or get more targeted and capture those who gave only during a specific timeframe or part of a specific campaign. You can also build segments of those who have opened/clicked a specific email, everyone who has created a fundraising page, everyone that has hit a specific fundraising milestone, etc. To learn more about segments, check out our Introduction to Segments in Klaviyo.

Automated Flows

You may be familiar with the terms Drip Campaign, Autoresponder, or in general, Marketing Automation. In Klaviyo, we call these types of emails "flows". A flow is an automated series of emails triggered by an event.

For Classy users, Klaviyo provides a number of pre-built email flows that can help you quickly get started with automated sending. From thanking and guiding people who create a new fundraising page, to re-engaging those who have gone a year without giving or following up after somebody registers for an event, checkout these guides as a first step:

To learn more about flows and how to build your own, review our Introduction to Automated Flows.

Step V. Add a Signup Form

Klaviyo's sign up forms are easy to use, highly customizable forms that can be added directly to your website to help you grow your lists.

For each list in Klaviyo, there is a dedicated sign up form builder that allows you to customize the styling for various types of sign up forms.

As a starting point, checkout this guide to building your audience with sign up forms!

Step VI. Start Sending!

Now that you’ve setup your Klaviyo account, it’s time to start sending -- you can turn automated email flows live, and also start scheduling and sending regular campaigns.

A campaign is a one-time send to a pre-established target group of contacts - think regular newsletters about your organization's work, news about an upcoming fundraiser, or special announcements.

Getting started with campaigns could not be easier - checkout this guide to learn more.


If you have more than 250 contacts in your account, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan before you start sending campaigns and flows. We do offer a non profit discount. Contact our Success Team to discuss pricing!

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