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Peer-to-peer fundraising has become a staple for nonprofits. One of the challenges with peer-to-peer fundraising, however, is helping your supporters engage their networks effectively. Because your supporters are likely not professional fundraisers, providing them with structure and guidance to help them reach their goals can lead to a greater rate of success.

When someone first signs up to become a fundraiser, a Fundraising Page Kickoff Flow can be leveraged to immediately share fundraising tips and resources. As time goes on, however, a Fundraising Milestone Flow can help encourage fundraisers to stay active and motivated.

Once a supporter has created a Fundraising Page and has started to raise funds towards his/her goal, you can reach out to both congratulate the supporter and provide additional advice. You could also consider offering a prize for reaching a certain fundraising milestone.

In this guide, you will learn how to leverage Klaviyo's best practice Fundraising Milestone Flow.

The Fundraising Milestone Flow

Once you integrate your Classy account with Klaviyo, a number of pre-built flows will automatically populate into your account, including the Fundraising Milestone Flow. You can check out all your pre-built flows here.

For the Fundraising Milestone Flow, the trigger for the flow is Raised Contribution. The flow filter, however, is designed to establish a certain milestone threshold for the flow.

Let’s use $100, $500, and $1000 as milestone examples:


Trigger Filter

Flow Filters

Milestone 1 - $100

Raised Contribution

  • Has Raised Contribution Value is at least $100 since campaign start date
  • Has Raised Contribution is less than $500 since campaign start date

Milestone 2 - $500

Raised Contribution

  • Has Raised Contribution Value is at least $500 since campaign start date
  • Has Raised Contribution Value is less than $1000 since campaign start date

Milestone 3 - $1000

Raised Contribution

  • Has Raised Contribution Value is at least $1000 since campaign start date

As you can see, two filters are needed to create a given milestone threshold -- an "at least" filter and a "is less than" filter.

Klaviyo's default Fundraising Milestone Flow will come with the following filters:

  • Has Raised Contribution Value is at least 100 over all time
  • Has Raised Contribution Value is less than 500 over all time
  • Has not been in this flow over all time

The last filter is there to ensure that each fundraiser only gets these emails once for a specific milestone. You will want to adjust the two filters regarding the milestone thresholds so that instead of over all time, you specify the start date of your campaign.

Milestone Flow Email Content

Our pre-built flow consists of two emails, but you can add or delete as many emails to the series as you want. For the first email, we recommend congratulating your supporter on hitting a milestone, while subsequent emails can provide tips and words of encouragement to help him/her reach the next milestone. To get you started, Klaviyo has setup two example emails for you:

  • Email #1 is scheduled to go out 1 hour after someone has reached a milestone. This email will both congratulate the fundraiser on reaching a goal and provide information on what the organization can accomplish with those funds. If you give rewards for milestones, this email is where you would give that reward.
  • Email #2 Is scheduled to go out 3 days later and will provide best practice tips to help your fundraiser reach the next milestone. If you give rewards for milestone successes, you can motivate your fundraiser by including a picture or description of the next reward.

To build out your series even further, you can clone Email #2 and swap in new content to provide tips every few days or weeks - this can help keep your fundraisers engaged and motivated!

Klaviyo's pre-built templates are designed to include the following:

  • Dynamic Content: Content that’s specific to the person receiving the email. For example, First Name, campaign name, and a link back to the supporter's Fundraising Page.
  • Fundraising Tips: We have some suggestions of fundraising tips, but recommend customizing the content to reflect your organization and the tips you believe will be most helpful and relevant for your audience. Consider using inspiring pictures and GIFs!

After you’ve created the content for each email in your series, the final step is setting the status of each email to Live. For each email in your flow, you'll see a colored icon with a paper airplane inside of it. This icon signals the flow email's "status".

Once Live, each fundraiser will automatically get scheduled for all emails in the flow when they meet the flow criteria for the first time. Emails will then send automatically based on the scheduled timing you've established.

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