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The following guide will walk through how to integrate your MailChimp account with Klaviyo. Klaviyo's MailChimp integration is mainly designed to help people as they move from MailChimp to Klaviyo. We don't recommend using both platforms at once other than during the interim period as you make the switch.

We also have a general checklist that covers how to completely migrate over to Klaviyo from a different Email Service Provider (ESP) here.

Find your MailChimp API Key

First, you'll need to obtain your MailChimp API key. You can get your MailChimp API key by logging into MailChimp, clicking your account name in the upper left, then navigating to Account Settings > Extras > API keys:

647703On the API key page, create a new API key and copy it. The field you'll need will be a long string of letters and numbers:

647704Enable the MailChimp Integration in Klaviyo

Once you've obtained your API key from MailChimp, hop back to Klaviyo and click on the Integrations tab. Here, find MailChimp on the All Integrations list. Click Add Integration and enter in your API key.

Once you've pasted in your API key and clicked connect, data will start syncing over within a minute or two. If you click on the Metrics tab in your account, you should see the following MailChimp metrics appear:

  • Received Email
  • Opened Email
  • Clicked Email

The MailChimp Metrics


Clicked Email

The MailChimp Clicked Email metric will track email click events synced from MailChimp. To segment this metric further, and see which contacts clicked which specific URLs in your emails, click on the Clicked Email metric in your Metrics tab and then use the Advanced Filters option to filter by URL.

Opened Email

The MailChimp Opened Email metric will track email open events synced from MailChimp.

Received Email

Klaviyo will sync a MailChimp Received Email event every time someone successfully receives an email sent from MailChimp (meaning the email was delivered to their inbox).

Understanding your MailChimp Data

From MailChimp, Klaviyo pulls in:

  • When someone received, opened or clicked a particular email
  • A list of emails who have unsubscribed or bounced
  • Optional: Existing Lists in MailChimp

If you choose the sync existing lists from MailChimp to Klaviyo, you can choose to either sync all of your lists or you can choose to sync only specific lists.

If you choose to sync only specific lists AND you enable the option "Collect open and click data for MailChimp campaigns," all contacts in your MailChimp account will be imported into Klaviyo -- regardless of whether or not they're in the specific lists you've chosen to sync. So, while syncing specific lists will recreate them in Klaviyo, it will not necessarily limit the number of contacts imported from MailChimp.

Keep in mind, only names and emails will sync; to migrate over custom properties that may be attached to contact profiles in MailChimp, see the relevant section of this guide below.

NOTE: If you delete people in MailChimp, it doesn't delete people in Klaviyo. Additionally, if people get added to the MailChimp list, they'll be added to Klaviyo within an hour.

We get information covering the last 90 days.  

The integration brings data over every 30 minutes for lists. For campaigns, it pulls data every 15 minutes on the first day and checks less frequently as time passes.

Import Custom Profile Properties into Klaviyo

If you choose to sync existing subscriber lists into Klaviyo through the Klaviyo MailChimp integration, any custom properties attached to these contacts in MailChimp will not automatically flow into Klaviyo.

If you want to preserve and migrate custom properties when you switch over to Klaviyo, you will need to manually import them so that they append to the correct contact profiles in Klaviyo. To do this, follow this guide.


If I delete people in Mailchimp, are they deleted in Klaviyo? 


If I unsubscribe someone in Mailchimp, are they unsubscribed in Klaviyo? 

Yes. If someone is suppressed in just one MailChimp list, they will be suppressed globally in Klaviyo.

If I unsubscribe someone in Klaviyo, are they unsubscribed in Mailchimp? 


If I add someone to a list in Mailchimp, are they added to a list in Klaviyo?

Yes, after 30 minutes. 

If I add someone to a list in Klaviyo, are they added to a list in Mailchimp?

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