Distinguishing between Shopify POS and Shopify Web Data


If you are a Shopify POS customer, you may want to distinguish between your POS and web purchases.

Klaviyo syncs the source_name when a customer completes the checkout process and creates an order in your Shopify store. According to Shopify's documentation, "source_name" is defined as:

730826Filter Orders by Source

You can filter Placed Order events in Klaviyo by "web," "pos," "iphone," "android," or other custom strings for any orders created via the Shopify API based on the source_name property associated with a given order. 

To filter and view exclusively POS Placed Order events, go to the Metrics tab of your account, click on the Placed Order metric, and filter by Source Name (equals "pos").


Segment Orders by Source

In the segment builder, you can create segments based on the Source Name property.


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