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This article will walk you through integrating with Klaviyo. Once you integrate, you'll be able to trigger/filter flows and define segments using events that you sync to Klaviyo from your project. We will be able to sync any track and identify calls you make from to Klaviyo.

Make sure to also explore's comprehensive guide to integrating with Klaviyo.

We also have an integration for syncing your Klaviyo data into

Connect and Klaviyo

To set up an integration to send data from to Klaviyo, first set up the Klaviyo destination, then walk through the wizard, and toggle the setting to enable email as the primary identifier.

  1. From your project page click Destinations > Add Destination and search for Klaviyo.
  2. Click through the wizard to select and confirm a source from your project. Next you will need to enter your public Klaviyo API key, the list ID of the default list you want to sync with, and a private Klaviyo API key.
    This will replace the need to use Klaviyo's API's and Javascript tracking
  3. Under Optional Settings toggle Enforce Email as Primary Identifier to On.

    It is important to enable this setting. If you don't, will pass customers into Klaviyo with a Unique ID, which results in duplicate profiles in your Klaviyo account. This can cause customers to receive duplicate emails, and removing the duplicate profiles is a manual process.

This completes the integration. 

What to Track

We recommend syncing the most important events to Klaviyo. A few examples:

  • When a customer signs up
  • When a customer starts to checkout or expresses interest in paying
  • What a customer buys (including pictures of items and descriptions of items)

For each event, the key thing is that a customer is identified by their email address in the event you send through For detailed information on how to format the events you send through, see their Klaviyo Integration guide. 

For transactional web businesses and ecommerce platforms, we recommend following our Integrating a custom ecommerce cart or platform guide for detailed information on the events that should be sent to Klaviyo through 

Monitoring the Klaviyo Sync

Once you activate the Klaviyo integration inside of, your identify and track calls will begin sending data to Klaviyo within 5-10 minutes. To check that is sending data to Klaviyo, navigate to the Analytics tab in Klaviyo and click into Metrics.

Metrics from will be treated as API Metrics, and show a gear icon next to the metric name inside of Klaviyo. As these events are triggered in, they will send data to Klaviyo. The name of these metrics are created from the event name sent in the track call. By navigation to the Activity Feed for each metric, you can view data as it flows into Klaviyo.


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