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This guide will walk you through integrating Eventbrite with Klaviyo. After completing the steps outlined in this guide, you'll be able to personalize and target emails based on ticket purchase activity.

Klaviyo will sync a Bought Ticket event for each purchase made, and will automatically sync all details related to the purchase as well as the individual that placed the order.

Enable the Eventbrite Integration

The Eventbrite integration uses webhooks which will create a real-time exchange of data between Eventbrite and your Klaviyo account. First, you'll connect Eventbrite with Klaviyo. Then you'll designate an Organization so the appropriate webhooks can be created for your integration.

Click on the Integrations tab in the left sidebar of your account. Navigate to the All Integrations tab and find Eventbrite on the list of available integrations. All integrations are in alphabetical order, so you'll find Eventbrite halfway down the page. Next, click Add Integration next to the Eventbrite icon.


In the window that appears, you will be prompted to click the Authorize with Eventbrite button. This button will redirect you to an Eventbrite login page, where you will need to login to your Eventbrite account if you aren't already logged in.


You'll be prompted to allow Klaviyo to access your Eventbrite account. Select Allow here.


After you complete this step, you will be taken back to Klaviyo where you will see a green confirmation message letting you know that you are successfully connected.

Now you'll select an organization to create webhooks for, and you'll initiate a historical sync.

Select an organization from the options presented. Then click Update Eventbrite Settings.

Webhooks will now be created for the organization you selected, and a historical sync of your data will begin.

Please be patient while your historical sync is processing. If you click Update Eventbrite Settings before the sync is complete, you'll receive an error message.

When your historical sync is complete you'll receive a confirmation message.


Your Eventbrite integration is now complete.

Monitor Your Eventbrite Sync

After enabling Klaviyo's built-in Eventbrite integration, two things will happen:

  • Klaviyo will run a one-time historical sync to pull all past Eventbrite Bought Ticket metrics into your Klaviyo account 
  • Klaviyo will also begin to sync new Eventbrite metrics in real-time, through Eventbrite webhooks

You should see historic Eventbrite Bought Ticket data populate your account, as well as begin to see new order events track live data.

To check on your Eventbrite integration, navigate to the Analytics tab and click into Metrics.

Click on one of the Eventbrite metrics displayed to verify that there is data populated as expected. For example, click on the Bought Ticket metric. If you see purchase activity, all you need to do is wait until your initial historic Eventbrite integration sync has completed; this process can several hours depending on how much historical data you have in your account. You can watch new order events flow in by monitoring your Dashboard Activity Feed.


Events Synced From Eventbrite

These are the event metrics synced from your Eventbrite integration:

  • Bought Ticket: when someone buys a ticket for an event in Eventbrite. The next section will go into more detail about the Bought Ticket metric.
  • Checked In: when someone checks in to the event, usually while it is happening
  • Checked Out: when someone checks out of an event
  • Refunded Ticket: when an event is canceled and the ticket is refunded to the customer
  • Updated Ticket: when a ticket which has already been purchased is updated. For example, quantity or information on the ticket might be updated on a customer's ticket.

The Bought Ticket Metric

Klaviyo will sync a Bought Ticket event for each purchase made, and will automatically sync all details related to the purchase as well as the individual that placed the order:

Customer Data

Klaviyo will sync the following for each ticket purchaser:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address

Order Data

Klaviyo will sync the following along with each order, if available:

  • Total Value
  • Event Name
  • Event Description
  • Ticket Type
  • Ticket Description
  • Ticket ID
  • Attendee Quantity
  • Attendee ID

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