How to Add a Link to an Email Address

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Link to an Email Address

If you'd like to create a link which will automatically open someone's email client and populate the "To" field, set the link URL to, replacing with the email address you'd like to send to.

Mailto Links


Use this approach when prompted to assign a link to an image, button, or wherever you see a blank link field.

If you are working within a text block, and want to hyperlink certain words or phrases, highlight the email address or phrase you'd like to turn into a link.

Once the correct text is highlighted, click the Link button.

Text Block Email Links


Set the link type to "E-mail" and enter an email in the email field. You can also add a default subject line and message body by filling in the message subject and message body fields.


Click OK and a link will be added. Because you changed the link type to "E-mail," there is no need to use the "mailto:" prefix. When recipients click on such a link, their email client will automatically open and generate a new email window. The "To" field will automatically populate with the email address you specified and the message subject and body will also populate accordingly.

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