Create a Geographically Targeted Segment


Creating a dynamic segment based on contact location is very useful and actually quite simple. 

One thing to note here is that Klaviyo is able to determine a contact's location if we sync a billing address for the contact, or otherwise based on IP geolocation. Despite being the industry standard, IP geolocation can be a bit quirky for a few reasons. First, we check someone's IP whenever they open an email - if someone is in China when they open the email, their IP will reflect this, even if their typical location is in California. Also, IPs are not static, and the location affiliated with an IP is thus also not static. This makes IP geolocation imperfect. For the above reasons it's possible that the location Klaviyo has recorded for some contacts is not 100% accurate.

Use these Segment Conditions

Here are the conditions for this segment:

Properties about someone >
Zipcode/Country/Region/Timezone equals _____

When you consider the "location" of a contact, you will have to decide which property you would like to use for segmentation. You can choose between Country, State/Region, Zipcode, or Timezone.

For example, if we wanted to send emails to only those located in either France or Massachusetts, we would create two similar conditions for this segment, but one would use Country and the other would use State/Region as the property dimension:645325

Options for Further Targeting

The above example shows a segment that will capture all profiles where the Country property is set to France or where the State/Region is set to Massachusetts. By using the OR connector between these two conditions, we are making the segment more inclusive - someone can be from France OR from MA an still make it into our segment. 

If you want to make your segment more exclusive, you can add conditions separated by the AND connector - in doing so, you're saying that all conditions must be true in order for someone to make it into your segment.

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