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Learn how to create the content of a flow email to directly communicate with your customers. With flows, this communication is automatic. In this article, we run through how to create this content for flows in Klaviyo. 

Please note that Analysts cannot edit flow email content.

Make the content for flow emails

Within the Email Content tab of a flow email, you will be able to:

  • Update your sender information, including the sender name and sender, BCC, and CC email addresses
  • Edit the subject line of an email
  • Add content using Klaviyo's Email Template Builder, a template you created previously, or a custom-coded HTML template that you built outside Klaviyo

Email template builder where the email's subject and sender info can be changed.

Editing the content of a flow email has the same options as editing the content of a campaign. There are four email content options based on how you want to create content:

  • Rich HTML / Drag & Drop: Our email editor will automatically optimize your email for mobile and makes it easy to create complex email layouts that will look great on all email clients.
  • Text Based: If you'd like to send a plain text email, this is the option you're looking for. This is a good option for sending an email that looks like it came directly from you rather than your organization.
  • Use Template from Library: If you've previously created a template or would like to use one of our pre-built options, this is where you should start. 
  • HTML Editor: Only use this option if you have your own HTML email template you're importing, or are interested in designing a custom HTML template from scratch.

We recommend taking a few minutes and creating one or more base template for your brand to save on time.

Change a flow email template

If email content is already populated for a flow email and you would like to simply change the template being used:

  1. Click the arrow next to the Email Content button.
  2. Select the Change Template option.

Edit content dropdown for the template builder that allows you to change templates, save the template, or edit plain text version.

When you select this option, you will be able to start from scratch with the options described above. If you change your mind, there is an option to keep your current content instead.

After the change template option is selected, you can choose from tect only, drag and drop, or HTML options.

Read more about email templates.

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