Why Is My Email Being Clipped?

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Gmail "clips" emails that are greater than 102 KB in size. If your email has been clipped, you will see a message like the one below:


When recipients click View entire message, they will be brought to a page where they can read your email in full.

Having your emails clipped is undesirable from a marketing standpoint and can also negatively impact your email deliverability. Additionally, when an email is clipped, the tracking pixel (used to calculate open rate) will also be clipped, and opens will not be tracked correctly.

This means you'll want to ensure that your email code is less than 102 KB, which includes all text, HTML styling, links, etc. For reference, each character of code that makes up an email is about 1-2 bytes. 

Image size does not impact the size of an email since images are loaded from an external source (e.g., your Klaviyo image library), but deleting an image completely will reduce the size of an email. That said, GIFs with many frames can increase the size of an email, since each frame is loaded as an individual image.

To test the size of an email, send a one-off email (not a preview) to one of your Gmail addresses to see if the message is clipped. If it is, view the source code of the email, copy and paste it into a document, save it, and then view the file size of the document. You can then edit the email accordingly to decrease the size.

By default, Klaviyo adds link tracking to your emails, which increases the size of the email. This is why it is important to send your test email as a campaign rather than a preview email since we only add link tracking in live campaigns. The fewer links you have in your email, the less code Klaviyo will add.

Other Reasons Your Emails May Be Clipped

  • You copy and pasted text from an external source. If you copy and pasted text from somewhere else, like your blog, you might have copied and pasted some extra styling as well. You can check this by viewing the Source area of a text block. If there is extra formatting, simply highlight the text and remove it.
  • You're using the header/link block. Because the header/link block has many styling options, it is a code-heavy block. Accordingly, if you're using the header/link block and find that your email is getting clipped, any easy solution is to drag in your logo as an image block and drag in text blocks for your links. Be sure to add links to your text so they go to the desired location on your site.
  • You're using desktop only and mobile-only blocks. If you're using desktop or mobile-only blocks, the code for these blocks exist in all emails that are sent out, regardless of device. An easy fix is to only have desktop/mobile-only blocks for email elements that are completely necessary to differentiate. If the content for a block is the same, do not use the desktop/mobile-only option, as this will unnecessarily duplicate the code. 
  • Your emails have embedded styles disabled. If you head to your email settings and see that Enable embedded styles is not checked under CSS optimization, your emails are using inline CSS, which can cause clipping. Select this box to make your email less likely to be clipped.
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