Understanding dedicated click tracking

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Learn more about how to set up dedicated click tracking to have your links display as your own custom, branded links.

What is dedicated click tracking?

Dedicated click tracking allows you to display your own domain on click tracking links as opposed to the default Klaviyo encoding. Any company is eligible to enable dedicated click tracking. For example, the image below shows the default Klaviyo encoding of a click tracking URL. This is what a customer will see if they hovered over a link in one of your Klaviyo emails.

Example of an email that shows when hovering over links as klaviyo link tracking

Why would you set up dedicated click tracking?

Dedicated click tracking is beneficial because it allows your customers to further trust the emails that come from your brand as the links will be easily recognizable. Instead of a long string of letters and numbers from a trk.klaviyomail encoded link, they will see your brand’s name when hovering over links in your email. This may increase the chances that they will click on your links.

Additionally, many mailbox providers and filtering software consider the reputation of all domains used in your messaging. Using the same root domain in both your dedicated click tracking links and your sending domain creates alignment across your brand.

To get started and set up dedicated click tracking on your own, review our guide.

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