How to remove onsite tracking for Shopify

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Learn how to remove Klaviyo onsite tracking from your Shopify store, which includes both Active on Site and Viewed Product tracking. This article only applies to those who enabled onsite tracking through the Klaviyo app embed. Read more about the onsite tracking for Shopify and the Klaviyo app embed

Before you begin

You may wish to remove onsite tracking for site speed performance reasons, though Klaviyo.js has recently been updated to minimize its impact in this regard. Additionally, Klaviyo’s Shopify app embed bypasses the website’s native tag manager and can result in faster loading of Klaviyo’s JavaScript. 

If you no longer wish to have Klaviyo onsite tracking enabled on your store, you have two choices for removing onsite tracking. You can either: 

  • Remove only Viewed Product tracking
  • Remove all onsite tracking

The first means you will not be able to track when someone views a product on your store, meaning you will not be able to send browse abandonment messages. 

If you remove all onsite tracking, you will not be able to use Active on Site tracking, Viewed Product tracking, and Klaviyo’s Added to Cart functionality (which relies on onsite tracking). You will also no longer be able to use Klaviyo signup forms. 

Remove Viewed Product tracking

If you want to remove Viewed Product tracking from your Shopify store:

  1. In Klaviyo, click your account name in the lower left and select Integrations
  2. Search for Shopify and click on the integration to be brought to the settings page
  3. Uncheck the Viewed Product setting
    Shopify onsite tracking settings in Klaviyo showing callout with green background reading The Klaviyo App Embed is enabled on your Shopify store, Viewed Product setting is unchecked
  4. Click Update Settings

Viewed Product tracking will now be removed from your Shopify store. 

Remove all onsite tracking

If you wish to remove all Klaviyo onsite tracking from your Shopify store, you can do so by toggling off the app embed. 

The app embed can be accessed from both Klaviyo and Shopify. Inside Klaviyo, the embed is linked from your Shopify integration settings page (as described in the above section about enabling the embed). 

To access the app embed from Shopify and toggle it off:

  1. From your Shopify admin, under Sales Channels, click Online Store to open the dropdown
  2. Select Themes 
  3. Find your current theme and click Customize 
  4. Select Theme settings in the left-hand menu 
  5. Click the App embeds tab and search forKlaviyo”
    The Klaviyo app embed will appear in the list because you already installed the Klaviyo app while integrating. 
  6. Toggle off the app embed
    App embeds tab of a Shopify store showing Klaviyo Onsite Javascript app embed toggled off
  7. Click Save 


All onsite tracking will now be removed from your Shopify store.

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