How to segment SMS subscribers by country

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Learn how to group your SMS subscribers by their country. 

Before you begin

When your SMS program stretches across multiple countries, you run into differences in language, compliance laws, quiet hours, and more.

To better target SMS subscribers in a certain country, you can create location-based segments. While there are a few different ways to accomplish, the best approach is to use country code for the phone number. 

Create SMS segments using a number's country code

  1. Navigate to Audience > Lists & segments
  2. Click Create List / Segment > Segment
    Options to create a list or a segment in Klaviyo
  3. Include the condition: 
    Person is or is not consented to receive SMS > Person is consented to receive SMS
  4. Add the country for this segment with the condition:
    Phone number > country is. In the below example, we use Canada
    Conditions to segment by Canada phone numbers
  5. Repeat step 1–4 for every country where you have SMS subscribers

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