Troubleshooting email template error messages

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If you encounter errors or warnings in an email template, you may need to resolve them before sending your message. Search this resource for the error message or warning you’re encountering to find tips for resolving the issue. 

Campaign sending warnings

  • We found # blocks in your email that either still have the default text unmodified or are blank. Please review your email before continuing.
    If you encounter this warning, look for empty blocks or placeholder content (e.g., “This is a text block. Click here to edit it.”) in your template. Check the desktop and mobile versions of the template. If you can’t find an empty block or placeholder content, send a preview message to yourself and review it on both desktop and mobile. If the preview looks good, it’s safe to send the message and ignore this warning.
  • Possible Email Content Issues. It doesn’t look like there are any links in your email. Did you forget to add them to your email?
    This warning appears if your plain-text or custom HTML email doesn’t include any links. Review the message to make sure all content has been added, including links for any calls-to-action. If you do not want to include any links in your email (other than your unsubscribe link), you can ignore this warning. 
  • Unsubscribe Link. We couldn’t find an unsubscribe link in your email. Klaviyo will automatically add an unsubscribe link when sending the email if you don’t add one.
    This warning appears if you haven’t added an unsubscribe tag to your message (e.g., {% unsubscribe %} or {% unsubscribe_link %}). Add an unsubscribe link to avoid Klaviyo’s default footer being appended to your message. 

Template editor errors

  • There is an error in your email content. The “filter_name” filter requires X arguments, but Y was given
    This error message means one or more of your variables contains a filter that has been applied incorrectly. Compare your filters to those in our Glossary of Variable Filters to identify the error.
    If you’ve confirmed all filters have been applied correctly but the error still appears, check for non-breaking spaces and replace them with standard spaces. To do so, view the source of your text block(s) and search for   within your template tags. Replace any instances of this code with a space. 
  • Invalid template tag on line X. Did you forget to register or load this tag?
    This error means your template includes a tag that isn’t recognized by Klaviyo. These tags will be surrounded by curly brackets and percent signs, like this: {% some_text %}. The only tags recognized by Klaviyo are the following: 
    • Unsubscribe, manage preferences, and preview text links
    • Conditionals statements
    • The {% currency_format … %} tag
    • The {% catalog … %} tag
    • Learn more about these template tags. If your template includes any other tags, remove them from the template to resolve this error.
  • Invalid template tag: 'elsif', expected 'elif', 'else' or 'endif'
    If you use if statements in your template with “else if” rules, make sure to use “elif” rather than “elsif.”
    Note that Shopify’s notification templates cannot be copied and pasted into Klaviyo, as Shopify and Klaviyo use different syntax. Instead, use Klaviyo’s Shopify notification templates, or a Klaviyo flow from the Flow Library.

Preview errors

When previewing a message, you may encounter one of the following generic error messages:

  • The template you have selected contains invalid syntax. Please click here to edit it.
  • Your template contains invalid template tags or filters. Please fix them to create a preview.

These errors mean that there is invalid syntax somewhere in your message. To locate the source of the error, check your message’s subject line and body content for variables, tags, or conditional statements that don’t follow the format outlined in Klaviyo’s Help Center resources. Below are some tips for locating the error: 

  • In your message, open and save each text block one by one. When you try to save the text block that contains the error, you’ll see a more detailed error message. 
  • Check both the desktop and mobile versions of your message. 
  • If your message contains a dynamic coupon, make sure the coupon name is correct, and that your coupon has been configured in the Coupons tab. 

Custom HTML template errors

  • We couldn't find the following images: ... Make sure they are included in the zip file you uploaded.
    Check that you’ve spelled all image source paths correctly, and that they match the file names of the images you uploaded. If no image paths are provided in the error message, review your HTML file for empty background attributes (e.g., background=””)
  • An {% unsubscribe %} tag is required.
    Add a Klaviyo unsubscribe tag to your message footer to resolve this error. 
  • Could not parse the remainder: 'Z' from 'XYZ'.
    This error means that one of your tags (anything surrounded by {% %}) is not recognized by Klaviyo. Refer to our guide to template tags and variable syntax to see accepted tags.
  • The emoji or special character you used is not currently supported in a custom HTML email. Your content cannot be imported until this character is removed.
    Emojis are supported in Klaviyo’s drag-and-drop editor, but not the custom HTML editor. Remove the emojis from your HTML template in order to upload it. 

Shopify template errors

  • Body html Liquid syntax error: Unknown tag 'unsubscribe'
    Body html Liquid syntax error: Unknown tag 'web_view'
    These errors, and other errors like them, mean that a Klaviyo-specific tag was added to your template before exporting it to Shopify. Shopify doesn’t support Klaviyo’s unsubscribe, manage preferences, or web view links.
  • Body Html Liquid Syntax Error : Unknown tag "Load"
    Shopify cannot support Klaviyo’s product block feature. If you add a product block into your Shopify notification template, then import that template into Shopify, this error will appear. Remove the product block, export your template’s HTML, and import it into Shopify. 
  • Body html Liquid syntax error: Unknown tag 'elsif'
    Body html Liquid syntax error: 'if' tag was never closed
    Body html Liquid syntax error: 'X' Tag Was Never Closed
    Many of Klaviyo’s Shopify notification templates include conditional statements, which make your message dynamic based on the customer’s order status. If part of a conditional statement is deleted, you’ll see an error like the ones above.
    To resolve this, open the template in Klaviyo and remove the remaining elements of the conditional statement. Search for tags that begin with: 
    • { % for item in…
    • {% endfor %}
    • {% if…
    • {% elsif…
    • {% else %}
    • {% endif %}

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