How to Build a Dynamic Browse Abandonment Email

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When building an email for a browse abandonment flow, you want to use the right variables to pull in the correct data. In this article, we walk you configuring an email so that it shows the product someone viewed. Note that the event variables used below are specific to Shopify. 

How to Show the Product Viewed in an Email

First, drag a table block into your template.


  • Adjust column 1 to display as an Image
  • Adjust column 2 to display as Text
  • Delete column 3

For column 1, select the Placeholder option for the image, and insert event.ImageURL as the placeholder.


For column 2, add {{ event.Name }} where you'd like to insert the product's name, and {{ event.Price }} where you want to insert the product's price. Make sure to click Save Changes. Preview your email and you should see dynamic product data populate into the placeholder variables.


If a customer views multiple products, which one is shown depends on your setup. If you are using hasn't been in this Flow in the last X days, then it'll be the first item the customer viewed. If you're using has viewed product zero times since starting this flow, it'll be the most recent.

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