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Learn how to use the update profile property action to tag recipients when they enter a certain stage in a flow. You can also edit a profile property or delete it using this action. This article runs through examples of how you can use the update profile property action.

Collect categories of interest

The links someone clicks in an email can indicate both specific and general interests. Throughout a flow, you may feature products from different categories. At the end of a series, you can create a Split based on what categories or collections someone clicked. Using the update profile property action, create a property and easily capture this engagement.

One example to consider is someone who clicks on "New Arrivals." This a good indicator this person is interested in the latest trends or new products. When launching a new product, send a specific campaign to those you know typically engage with new arrivals, with a subject line that plays to this theme.

To walk through how to set up these links, visit our guide on Adding Buttons or Links that Update Profile Properties

Tag profiles with important dates

Another great way to use this feature is to take advantage of the built-in method to set or update a property as the current date. If you have a thank you series for new customers, add the update profile property action as a first step to tag each profile with a first purchase date.

Update profile property action set to create a First Purchase Date property.

Having certain dates stored can come in handy for further analysis as well as triggering date-based automation

Further, you can tag the date that someone subscribes to either email or SMS. These data points can be helpful for measuring list growth over time.

Update profile property action set to create a SMS Subscribe Date property

Tag profiles when they complete a welcome series

You may not want subscribers to start receiving regular newsletter content until they've gone through your entire welcome series.

At the end of a welcome series flow, add a completed welcome flow property with the value "true." You can then segment your main subscriber list to only include those that have this property set to true.

Add gender to their profile

In many industries (including apparel, accessories, and hair care), knowing someone's gender can help you deliver more targeted messages. Using the update profile property action, you can add someone's gender to a profile when they buy or view a certain collection. 

An example of a flow with multiple trigger splits that check for the gender of an order's collection.

After you add this profile property, you can use it to create gender-based segments. Then, send the various segments information related to their gender via targeted campaigns, or target them with different signup forms. 

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