Understanding notification action use cases

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Learn how to notify members of your internal team or external partners when a customer enters or reaches a certain point in a flow. Use cases include setting a notification for: 

  • New subscribers
  • Customer service followup
  • New VIPs, warm leads, or special interest lists
  • Big-ticket item purchasers

Review the use case examples below.

Notification for new subscribers

If you are just starting to build or grow your subscriber list, and want to be notified every time someone new signs up, you can add a notification step to your welcome series flow. Within one automated flow, you can send each new subscriber a timely welcome message while also alerting your team every time someone new has joined your marketing list. You can also customize the triggered notification to include all key details about the new subscriber as well as any form data that got populated to their profile after filling out your form.

Welcome series flow with a notification action after the trigger.

Notification for customer service followup

This tool is also helpful for customer service-focused brands, or those that send samples, who send automated emails that ask customers if they enjoyed a new product or include a short survey. If someone responds negatively, you can now not only segment these customers but also trigger a flow to immediately alert your team to follow up.

Notification for new VIPs, warm leads, or special interest lists

While you might not want to trigger a notification for all new general marketing subscribers, you may have specific lists or segments for special groups. You can use this action to:

  • Let certain members of your organization know when someone new qualifies for your VIP program 
  • Alert your sales team when there is a new qualified lead
  • If you have a brand ambassador program, you can trigger an email to your team when someone new applies, including all form details in the notification message so someone can promptly reach out with next steps.

Notification for big-ticket item purchasers

The notification action can also be used to alert your team when someone purchases a high-priced item. You may want to alert someone when this type of item is purchased so they can reach out and ensure the customer is supported in their post-purchase journey or understand expectations around shipping etc. 

Notification action after the trigger of a post-purchase flow.

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