Reviewing Your Facebook Integration Data

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Once you enable Klaviyo's Facebook integration, it's important to understand the data that will begin to sync from Facebook to Klaviyo.

In order for your Facebook Integration to be useful you must first integrate with Facebook, and then also sync a Klaviyo list or segment with a Facebook Audience and/or Lead Ad.

Data Synced with Facebook Audiences

You can sync your lists and segments with Facebook Audiences. Klaviyo pushes email addresses to a Facebook Audience in a one-way sync.

This is how data is synced between Klaviyo and Facebook Audiences:

  • Klaviyo pushes email addresses to a Facebook Audience. 
  • Only email addresses associated with a Facebook login will be synced, so the size of your audience may not exactly match the size of your list/segment.
  • As profiles are added or removed from the list or segment, they will also be added or removed from the Facebook Audience.

Data Synced with Lead Ad Forms

Lead Ad forms pull subscriber information from Lead Ad forms into Klaviyo, adding profile information to a designated Klaviyo list. Only lists, not segments, can be synced with Lead Ad forms. Lead Ads forms can be placed on both Facebook or Instagram, so profile information can be pulled from either social media source.

Profile Information

The design of your Lead Ad form determines what information is pulled into Klaviyo. For example, a Lead Ad with fields for email address and first name will pull in that information. If you include a phone number field on your Lead Ad form, a phone number will be pulled in as well. 

Klaviyo limits the number of unique metrics you can create to 200. When you approach this threshold, you will be alerted via a warning in your account, along with an email to the account owner.

Filled Out Lead Ad Metric

When a person signs up via a Lead Ad form, the person’s profile information is synced into Klaviyo along with a Filled Out Lead Ad metric.

In Klaviyo, you can navigate to your account's Analytics tab and click into Metrics to view all of the metrics in your account; the Filled Out Lead Ad metric is associated with a Facebook icon. You can filter this view to see only Facebook metrics by using the filter selector in the upper right.

The Filled Out Lead Ad metric is triggered when a person subscribes via a Lead Ad form either on Facebook or Instagram. The metric is associated with additional properties known as metadata. 

This is a list of metadata associated with the Filled Out Lead Ad metric:

  • AdID: the Ad Form ID; this can be located within your Facebook Ad Account  
  • AdName: the name of the Ad
  • AdsetName: the name of the parent Ad Set 
  • CampaignName: the name of the Campaign that contains the ad
  • FormName: the Lead Ad sync label
  • PageName: the page the ad is displayed on
  • Platform: the platform on which the ad appears: either Facebook (fb) or Instagram (ig)  

This is not a comprehensive list; rather, these are attributes that many people have found useful for segmentation and filtering purposes.

This is an example of a Filled Out Lead Ad metric and metadata:


Klaviyo gives you the ability to filter and segment based on all metrics and metadata pulled into your Klaviyo account, so you can customize your customer journey on a truly granular level.

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