Create a Segment of SMS Subscribers

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Bringing your SMS subscribers into one segment is important to trigger flows, create campaigns, gather business insight. Let’s walk through how to create that segment.

Building the Segment

First, create a flow that is triggered by someone receiving the metric consenting to SMS. From there, drag in an Update Profile Property action that will create a profile property called SMS consent and set the value to true. 

Afterward, create a segment based on someone unsubscribing from SMS.


From there, create another flow that is triggered by someone joining that segment. In the flow, drag in an Update Profile Property action that sets the SMS consent profile property to false.


After following the above steps, you can build a segment that consists of people who have the profile property SMS consent set to true.


Using the Segment in Klaviyo

Once you’re done creating that segment, you can do a few things in Klaviyo. First, you can trigger a flow off of someone joining that segment and set up a welcome to SMS flow. 


Second, you can target a signup form for when they’re on your site. If you add the condition where someone has joined your SMS marketing in the last two weeks, you can display relevant, onsite information about your texting program or remind them of a deal that you may have sent to them.


Third, you can use this segment to send a campaign. For instance, you can tell your SMS subscribers about a flash sale.


Lastly, you can use this segment to gain business insight into how your SMS marketing is performing. For more information, check out our article on Analyzing SMS Data.

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