How to display recently viewed items in an email

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Learn how to use Klaviyo’s Viewed Product tracking to include a reminder of the items someone has recently viewed in an email. 


Before you begin

Before taking the following steps, make sure: 

Create a personalized product feed

To create a product feed that displays someone’s recently viewed products: 

  1. From Klaviyo’s sidebar, click Content > Products.
  2. Click Manage Product Feeds.
    The Manage Product Feeds option in Klaviyo

  3. Click Create Product Feed.
  4. Name the product feed something descriptive, like RECENTLY_VIEWED_PRODUCTS.
    • Note that spaces are not permitted in feed names.
  5. In the What products should the customers view first? dropdown, scroll down and click Products a customer has recently viewed.
    The settings for a product feed of items a recipient recently viewed

  6. Complete the additional fields as desired.
  7. Click Save Product Feed.

Add viewed items to an email

Once you’ve created your product feed following the steps above, head to an email template. You can add recently viewed products to any email template (including those in campaigns and flows). Once you’ve opened the editor for the template you’d like to work with: 

  1. Drag a Product block into your template.
    The product block icon in the Klaviyo template editor
  2. In the Content settings, make sure the feed is set to Dynamic, then choose the feed you created in the last section in the Product feed field.
    A product block of items the recipient has recently viewed
  3. Modify the other options in the Styles tab to adjust how your viewed products appear, including how many products to display.
  4. When you’re finished, click Done and save your template.


When this message is sent, recipients will see the products they viewed most recently in the product block section of the email. If a recipient has a limited history of viewed products, they’ll see bestselling or most trending products, depending on the options selected in your feed settings. 

Note that Klaviyo is only able to track viewed items for cookied users

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