Integrate with Campaign Monitor


This article will walk you through integrating Campaign Monitor with Klaviyo. This will allow you to track Campaign Monitor analytics in Klaviyo, and sync your Campaign Monitor lists and subscribers to Klaviyo.

Here's the data we can sync from Campaign Monitor:

  • Received, Clicked, and Open metrics from Campaign Monitor
  • Campaign Monitor lists (some or all)

We also have a general checklist that covers how to completely migrate over to Klaviyo from a different Email Service Provider (ESP) here.

Add the Campaign Monitor Integration

Click on the Integrations tab in the left sidebar of your account.

Navigate to the All Integrations tab and find Campaign Monitor on the list of available integrations. All integrations are in alphabetical order so you'll find Campaign Monitor near the top of the page.

Next, clickAdd Integration next to the Campaign Monitor icon. You will be taken to a Settings window where you need to add your Campaign Monitor API key. Here, you can also click Advanced Options to see a list of options for your integration.


Advanced Options:

  • Collect open and click data for Campaign Monitor campaigns: Selecting this will sync open and click data from your Campaign Monitor campaigns
  • Create Klaviyo lists from Campaign Monitor lists: Selecting this will sync your Campaign Monitor lists as new lists in Klaviyo
  • Only sync specific lists: Selecting this will add a new input that allows you to add a comma separated list of Campaign Monitor list ID's you want to sync

If you don't select specific lists, Klaviyo will sync all of them.

Click Connect to Campaign Monitor to enable the integration. Klaviyo will then begin to run a historical sync as well as setup periodic syncs to pull in new available data once per hour moving forward.

Monitor the Klaviyo Sync

To check on your enabled integration, navigate to your Klaviyo account's Metrics tab.

Click on the Received Email (Campaign Monitor) metric. As your integration is syncing, you should begin to see data from Campaign Monitor campaigns synced here.

Once the Campaign Monitor integration is present on your Enabled Integrations list and has a green border next to it, your integration is fully synced.

Understanding your Data

Once you've connected Klaviyo with Campaign Monitor, data will start syncing over within a minute or two. If you navigate to the Metrics tab in your Klaviyo account, you should see a several metrics for Campaign Monitor data (received email, opened email, and clicked email) each with a Campaign Monitor icon next to it.

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