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This article will walk you through integrating Recurly with Klaviyo. Following this guide, you'll be able to personalize and target emails based on invoice and payment data from your customers. We sync the following data from Recurly:

  • When an invoice is issued, and the items included in each invoice
  • Payment information for when a user fails payment, is refunded, or successfully pays

Add the Recurly Integration

To connect Recurly to your Klaviyo account, you’ll first need your Recurly API Key.

Log into your Recurly account and go to Integrations > API Credentials. Copy the Default API Key for use later.

Your default API key is also a private API key. Treat private API keys like passwords -- keep them in a safe place and never expose them to the public.

Copy default private API key from Recurly

If your Default API Key is already in use by another third-party integration, you can generate a new API key for the Klaviyo integration by clicking on Add Private API Key at the bottom of the page.

Create new private API key for use in Klaviyo integration

Recurly will only generate five private API keys to integrate with third-party applications.

Once you create the new API key, copy it for use in your Klaviyo account.

In Klaviyo, click on the Integrations tab in the left-hand sidebar.

Flip to All Integrations and type Recurly into the search box at the top of the page. Then, click Add Integration.

Find Recurly integration on list of Klaviyo integrations

Enter your Recurly subdomain and the API key you copied earlier. Then, click Connect to Recurly.

Add credentials to Recurly integration in Klaviyo

If the integration is successful, you’ll see a green success callout above Integration Settings.

Successful integration message from Klaviyo

Monitor the Recurly Sync & Verify Data

To check your integration, navigate to Analytics > Metrics. Choose one of the Recurly metrics to view - for example, Issued Invoice - and click on the Activity Feed icon.

Click on Activity Feed for Issued Invoice metric to verify data sync

If your integration has begun syncing data, you will start to see Issued Invoice events, with the Recurly icon, added to this activity feed.

Klaviyo imports all of your Recurly data. To verify this, you can compare the number of successful payments on a particular day to the data in Recurly and confirm they match. Go to Analytics > Metrics, and click on the Successfully Paid metric. This will take you to the metric chart page which, by default, will show you the last 30 days of data.

Hover over yesterday's datapoint or look in the table of data below the chart to see how many payments occurred yesterday and compare it to the data stored in Recurly.

If the data doesn’t match up, the issue is most likely that the timezone in your Klaviyo account doesn't match the timezone in your Recurly account. To check your timezone setting in Klaviyo, go to Account Settings > Contact Information > Organization. At the bottom, you can view and update your timezone.

The Recurly Metrics

Recurly syncs the following metrics to Klaviyo:

  • Failed Payment
  • Issued Invoice
  • Ordered Product
  • Refunded Payment
  • Successfully Paid

Metrics synced to Klaviyo from Recurly

Failed Payment

This metric is recorded every time a payment made through Recurly is marked as failed. With this metric, you can target customers who fail to make a payment to let them know they have an overdue balance.

Issued Invoice

This metric is recorded every time an invoice is issued to a customer through Recurly, which is useful for segmenting on customers who have been issued an invoice but have either not paid or had a payment fail. It can also be used to trigger segments to notify customers of an upcoming payment.

Ordered Product

This metric is recorded every time a customer places an order through Recurly.

Refunded Payment

This metric is recorded when you refund a payment through Recurly.

Successfully Paid

This metric is recorded each time a customer successfully pays an invoice through Recurly. These events will include data about your customer, their invoice, and the products in their invoice.


Failed Integration

If you see the message Unable to connect to Recurly. Please contact support. while trying to initially connect to Recurly, double check your API key.

Failed integration with Klaviyo due to incorrect API key

You need to use your default API key in this integration, not your public key. Head back to your Recurly account and copy the Default API key or create a new API key.

If you're still experiencing issues with your integration, contact Klaviyo support.

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