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Learn how to integrate Klaviyo with Zoho's CRM service. After completing these steps, you will be able to use your leads' custom property data from Zoho to personalize messages in Klaviyo.

Add the Zoho integration

  1. In Klaviyo, click your account name in the lower left corner and then select Integrations.
  2. Click All Integrations and search for Zoho. Then, click Add Integration.
    Klaviyo All Integrations tab with Zoho in searchbar and Zoho card in results
  3. Select your Zoho CRM timezone from the dropdown. This must be the same timezone as your Zoho account.
    Zoho integration settings page in Klaviyo with timezone and optional fields settings, Connect to Zoho with blue background
  4. Add any optional fields you want to sync from Zoho in the Optional Fields input using a comma-separated list. Ensure there are no spaces between commas.
    • The Optional Fields input must use the API names for the fields from Zoho. Locate the API field names by clicking on the gear in the top right-hand corner of your Zoho account. Then, under Developer Space, select APIs > API Names. Click on Leads to see the field names, along with their corresponding API names.
      List of API names in Zoho including Field Label and Data Type
  5. Click Authorize with Zoho to be redirected to Zoho for authentication. You may be prompted to log in.
  6. On the following page, click Accept to complete the connection between Klaviyo and Zoho.
    Zoho screen showing Klaviyo looking for access metadata and read, write, update and delete resources
  7. You’ll then be directed back to Klaviyo. If your integration was successful, you’ll see a green success message above the integration options.
    Zoho integration settings page in Klaviyo with green Integration updated banner
  8. If needed, you can edit the timezone and optional fields later on. Click Update Zoho Settings when done.

Monitor the Zoho sync and verify data

Allow at least fifteen minutes for the Zoho sync to complete. To confirm your integration is complete, check that the Zoho integration in your enabled integrations list (found under Account Name > Integrations) has a green bar on the left.

Zoho listing with green bar on left and View Settings on right

Following the initial integration setup, your Zoho leads data syncs with Klaviyo once an hour.

Once you integrate and sync Zoho with Klaviyo, all of your Zoho leads will be imported to Klaviyo with the default customer properties, as well as any optional fields you set in the integration settings.

To verify this, create a segment of the Zoho leads using the Lead Status property. This will group all the profiles in your account that were imported from or updated with data from Zoho.

  1. In Klaviyo, navigate to Audience > Lists & Segments.
  2. Click Create List/Segment and choose Segment
  3. Give your segment a descriptive name and any tags you'd like
  4. Set the segment definition to: Properties about someone > Lead status > is set.
    Lead Status is set segment in Klaviyo segment builder with Create Segment with blue background
  5. Click Create Segment
  6. Compare the people in this segment with the leads in your Zoho account; the lists should match.

Zoho metrics

Unlike other integrations, there is no viewable metric from Zoho, but Klaviyo does sync the following information for each Zoho lead:

  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company
  • Phone
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Country
  • Lead Status
  • Email Opt Out

Contact, channels, and information sections of a profile in Klaviyo with customer property lead status set to Lost Lead

This information is viewable in each Klaviyo profile synced from Zoho. To view all Zoho leads at once, you can use the Lead Status segment discussed above.


You've now integrated with Zoho and reviewed your synced data.

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