How to customize a list's unsubscribe page

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Learn how to customize the look and feel of a specific list's unsubscribe page, where your contacts can unsubscribe from receiving your email marketing.

If you would like to standardize your unsubscribe page for all emails, not just emails sent to a particular list, navigate to the Account tab in the lower left corner of Klaviyo, then click Settings > Email Preference & Subscription. Under Email unsubscribe page, click Edit Page

Find the unsubscribe page for a list

  1. Click the Audience dropdown in the left hand navigation and select the Lists & Segments tab.
  2. Select your list.
  3. From the menu bar, click Subscribe & Preference Pages.
  4. Click Customize for this List (if you haven't yet customized any of this list's pages).
    option to customize for this list selected in the subscribe and preferences pages tab of a list
  5. Here you will see a new set of consent pages available to edit. Under Email subscribe page, click Edit Page
    edit page button selected on the email unsubscribe page tile of the consent pages navigation menu

Edit a list's unsubscribe page 

Selecting to edit the email unsubscribe page will bring you into its respective builder. Here you can customize the style and design to match your brand. 

the unsubscribe page editor showing the option to edit styles and add input blocks

Here you have 3 options for editing:

  1. Styles
    Edit design settings such as Form Background, Page background, Form Styles, etc. 
  2. Add Blocks
    Add elements to your consent page, such as a text or image block. You can also edit any text in the preview by clicking on it and replacing the default text with your own. 
  3. Button
    Click on the button in the preview form for options to edit the Button Text, Button Styles, and Block Styles.

There are a few additional aspects of your page you may also want to edit:

  • Page header
    You may want to change this to something that is more aligned with your brand's tone
    header textbox selected with the option to replace the default text with your own text in the text menu along the left
  • Page description
    Adding a text block with a page description is a helpful way to remind subscribers what options they have before clicking Unsubscribe. For example, you could include a call-to-action for subscribers to update their email frequency preferences instead of unsubscribing all together.
    example page description textbox on an unsubscribe page encouraging recipients to update their preferences
  • Update preferences link
    By default, Klaviyo will automatically include a link to your preferences page on your unsubscribe page. You will want to ensure that your list's preferences page is also up-to-date so that subscribers looking to update their preferences actually find options after clicking this link. 
                                              the update your preferences button that's added to your unsubscribe page by default

To add preference fields to your preferences page, follow the steps outlined in our guide to editing consent pages

Be sure to edit each step of the unsubscribe page content that you want to customize. You can also click Success page in the top menu bar of the editor to adjust the design of the success message appears when a recipient completes the form. 

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