How to create a cross sell segment

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Learn how to identify a group of people who have purchased a particular item but have not purchased a specific related item, in order to target them with a cross sell message. For example, if someone purchases a video game console, you might consider targeting them with content about the most popular video games for that console that they haven't yet purchased.

Create a cross sell segment

  1. Click Audiences > Lists & Segments in the Klaviyo sidebar
  2. Click Create List / Segment
  3. Choose Segment
  4. Add the following segment definition: 
    What someone has done (or not done) > Ordered Product > at least once over all time > where SKU equals [product 1 SKU]

    What someone has done (or not done) > Ordered Product > zero times over all time > where SKU equals [product 2 SKU]

A cross sell segment in Klaviyo

In the image above, you can substitute SKU with Name, Variant Name, or any other event data available that can classify specific products.

Once you've created one cross sell segment, it's easy to segment several variations by cloning that segment and building upon that foundation.

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