Create a Cross-Sell Segment



Isolate a group of people that have all purchased a particular item, but have not also purchased one or more related items to create a cross-sell segment. 

For example, if someone purchases a video game console, you might consider sending them an email about the most popular video games for that console that they haven't yet purchased.

Segment Conditions

Here are the conditions for this segment:

What someone has done (or not done) >
has Ordered Product > at least once over all time >
where SKU/Name/Variant Name equals ____
What someone has done (or not done) >
has Ordered Product > zero times over all time >
where SKU/Name/Variant Name equals ____

In the following example, we're creating a segment of everyone that has ordered our summer shorts, but has never ordered our summer tank tops.

We know that purchasers of our summer shorts flavor typically purchase and really enjoy our summer tank tops. So, customers that have only tried our summer shorts are currently missing out, and we're missing out on the additional business.

Options for Further Targeting

With our example above, we chose one cross-sell item to focus on. You can add additional "has Ordered Product zero times" conditions, however, to build an opportunity for a more robust cross-sell. For example, if someone has only purchased one item from you before, you can promote a range of related and relevant items.

You can also add additional conditions to further target your segment around other behaviors. If you are tracking Viewed Product browsing activity, you can use insights from this metric to target customers that have purchased certain items and browsed others.

Once you've created one cross-sell segment, it's easy to segment several variations using the Create Similar Segment option in the Manage Segment drop-down after the segment has finished computing.

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