Run a Contest Using Subscribe Pages


As a marketer, you may occasionally run promotions or contests so generate new subscribers. While you can accomplish this using a third-party tool that integrates with Klaviyo, like ViralSweep, you can also run a contest strictly using Klaviyo.

Set Up a Way for People to Enter the Contest

First, create a list that is dedicated to the contest. Using a subscribe page or signup form, create a way for people to enter the contest. We recommend using a subscribe page, since you'll then be able to link to it in emails, etc. or embed it on your site.


In the example above, you'll notice that we added a checkbox to indicate whether a registrant accepts marketing or not. Oftentimes the leads you get from running a contest aren't as high quality as your typical leads, so asking them if they want to receive future emails gives you engagement criteria that you can use to message them later on. For example, if someone has the custom property "Accepts Marketing" equals "Yes" on their profile, you can add them to your engaged newsletter segment.

Take a Random Sample to Choose the Winner

When it comes time for you to choose the winner of your contest, you can simply go to Manage List > Sample List Members and create a sample size of 1. This will randomly select a winner from the pool of registrants.


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