How to Add SMS Messages to Your Abandoned Cart Flow

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Using Klaviyo to send SMS messages in your abandoned cart flow is a great way to reach customers on another channel to remind them of outstanding items in their carts. There are several ways you can fold SMS into your abandoned cart flow, but one of the most effective ways is to reach out to customers who have not opened your abandoned cart email and follow up via SMS. Before adding SMS to any abandoned cart flow, make sure your SMS list has double opt-in turned on, or you may experience heavy filtering. 

If you haven't already, be sure to set up an abandoned cart flow before following the instructions outlined in this guide.

Add SMS Messages to Your Flow

First, drag a time delay into your flow after your first abandoned cart email. This will be the “grace period” for people to open the email. In our example, we’re going to use six hours, but this is also something you can test using the steps outlined in our Guide to Creating an Abandoned Cart Flow.

Next, drag a conditional split below the time delay stipulating that someone has opened the previous email. You can do this using What someone has done or not done > Opened Email at least once over all time > where Message equals [INSERT MESSAGE NAME]. Fill in the message name with the name of your first abandoned cart email (note that this is different from the subject line).


After this first SMS message, you will want to rejoin the split so that recipients continue down the intended path even if they don't open the initial abandoned cart email. 

Note that many people will likely be skipped from receiving this text message due to several potential factors:

  • You have not already collected SMS consent. Klaviyo does not allow customers to send to contacts that have not explicitly opted-in to receive SMS marketing because this violates TCPA laws. 
  • You do not have a valid phone number for the recipient. Because everyone who starts a checkout will enter an abandoned cart flow, it's likely the case that you won't have phone numbers for a large number of contacts.
  • The contact does not have a US number. SMS messaging is not currently available for non-US numbers, so even if a recipient does have a valid phone number, they won't receive any text messages unless it's a US number.

Configure SMS Message Content

Once you've added SMS messages to your existing abandoned cart flow, the next step is to configure the content. Text messages have a much more limited amount of space available than emails, so every word matters. To personalize your messages, you can use the same template tags you would in email, except the manage preference, unsubscribe, and web view links. 

Keep your messages short and direct, with a very obvious call to action (CTA). In this case, the CTA should link customers back to the items they left behind in their cart. To do this, you'll need a dynamic cart link.

For Shopify users, you can find the dynamic cart link on the upper right-hand side of the preview screen. Click the info button on the top right to preview the dynamic tags available for this event, then scroll to find the checkout_url. Click on the tag and it will automatically be copied to your clipboard. In other cases, use the cart link that is pregenerated in your abandoned cart flows. 

Paste the tag into the body of your SMS message. You will want to ensure that you have the Automatically shorten links box checked to conserve space in your message.


Once you're satisfied with your message, turn it live and it will start sending automatically to eligible contacts.

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