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Learn about the built-in integrations offered by Klaviyo that will allow you to sync data with your new Klaviyo account and use this information for precision targeted marketing.

Ecommerce integrations

You should integrate with your ecommerce platform to pull in data from your store, like Placed Order, Checkout Started, and other events. Which events you're able to sync with Klaviyo will depend on your particular platform:

If you don't see your ecommerce platform listed, check out our guide to integrating a platform without a pre-built Klaviyo integration.

Other data integrations

Looking to integrate other platforms or tools with Klaviyo? Check out our full list of other data integrations, including those for payments, shipping, list growth, and more. If you're looking for advertising integrations such as Facebook and Google Ads, see our advertising section. If you're looking for a third-party integration (one not built by Klaviyo) you can search on our Klaviyo Partners site

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