Using WooCommerce Subscriptions Data in Campaigns and Flows

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Many ecommerce businesses offer subscriptions to their customers. WooCommerce offers a WooCommerce Subscription plugin that can be used to manage subscriptions. 

You can enable the WooCommerce Subscription Plugin from the WooCommerce Extensions Store.

WooCommerce subscription data can be used in Klaviyo to trigger flows geared towards subscribers and to create campaigns that target subscribers.

Sync WooCommerce Subscriptions to Klaviyo

Tribe has developed a plugin that will integrate Wordpress Subscriptions with Klaviyo so that you can send custom events to Klaviyo when a WooCommerce subscription is purchased or cancelled. 

Tribe is deprecating their free WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin in January, 2021. To continue, head over to their new premium WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. You'll need your Klaviyo Public API key/Site ID to activate the plugin. 

Data Synced to Klaviyo

Tribe's plugin syncs the following data from WooCommerce Subscriptions to Klaviyo:

  • Subscription price
  • Subscription plan name
  • Subscription trials
  • Subscription plan id

This is an example of profile data which is synced into Klaviyo by the Tribe plugin:

Create a Campaign using WooCommerce Subscriptions Data

WooCommerce Subscriptions metrics can be used to segment customers and target them in a specific campaign. For example, create a segment of customers who have Subscribed to Plan where PlanID = 1066.


Create a campaign targeting this segment of customers. For example, if your subscription Plan1099 is a semi-monthly subscription for biodegradable toilet paper, send customers recently subscribed to Plan1066 a product launch campaign for your new biodegradable cleaning products line.

Create a Flow using WooCommerce Subscriptions Data 

You can use any WooCommerce Subscriptions metric to trigger a flow in Klaviyo. For example, use the Subscribed to Plan metric to trigger a "Welcome Subscriber" flow in Klaviyo:


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