FAQ: Why are my customers being skipped from receiving my Abandoned Cart Flow? How do I stop them from being skipped?

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Why are my customers being skipped from receiving my abandoned cart flow? How do I stop them from being skipped?

Your Abandoned Cart flow is designed to email customers who triggered a checkout started event, but did not go on to place their order. If a customer does place an order after starting a checkout and entering this flow, they will be skipped for all remaining emails. Your flow filter "Has Placed Order zero times since starting this flow" is what ensures anyone that does place an order gets skipped and does not receive an Abandoned Cart email. This is the most common reason why you will see a high volume of recipients marked as Skipped — and this is a good thing! This means your checkout experience is converting, and these shoppers are not abandoning the checkout process. 

To understand the different reasons recipients may be getting skipped for any flow email, click into the Recipient Activity for the email and navigate to the Skipped tab. You can get there quickly by clicking on the "Skipped" report from the email's Analytics overview.


Here you can view the different categories of Skipped reasons, and click on one to see all the recipients that were skipped for each reason.



By choosing the "Skipped: Fails Flow Filters" option from the dropdown, you will see all recipients that got skipped before they failed your flow's filters at send time — this will include those that were skipped because they completed their purchase and did not end up abandoning their cart.

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