Organize Campaigns in Folders



Stay organized by keeping your campaigns in folders.

Create New Folders

  1. To create a new folder in the Campaigns tab of your account, click the Folder dropdown menu and click the Add Folder option.
  2. Give your new folder a name and click Create Folder.

Add a Campaign to a Folder

When you are creating a new campaign, you will see the option to add your campaign to an existing folder. You will also see the option to create a new folder where you can add your campaign.

Moving Campaigns to Different Folders

From the Campaigns tab, it is also possible to move a draft, scheduled, or sent campaign into a folder. To do this, click the checkbox next to the campaign in your main Campaigns tab and then click Move from the top menu bar and select the correct folder.

Edit or Delete an Existing Folder

If you would like to edit the name of an existing folder or delete a folder, navigate to the Folders tab of your account.

While you cannot create new folders or organize items within folders from this tab, you can edit and delete folders here. You can also see how many lists/segments and campaigns have been added to each folder.

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