How to use tags to organize campaigns

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Learn how you can use tags to organize your campaigns by type, location, and more. Tagging campaigns is purely optional, and can help your team easily find past campaigns.  

If you'd like to learn how to add dynamic content to your campaigns, head to our guide on template tags and variable syntax.

Add a tag to an existing campaign

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns tab in Klaviyo 
  2. Click the checkbox next to one or more campaigns from the list view 
    The campaigns list view
  3. Click Add/Remove Tags > Add Tags
    The Add Tags menu in the campaigns list view
  4. Choose or create a new tag 
  5. Click Add Tags to save your changes

Add tags when creating a new campaign

  1. Follow the steps to create a new campaign
  2. After naming the campaign, click Select tags... to add one or more tags 
    The Add Tags menu when creating a new campaign

Campaigns can have more than one tag unless the tag belongs to a tag group that is exclusive. 

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