How to Integrate with Unbounce

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Klaviyo and Unbounce work together seamlessly to help you use landing pages to add customers to a Welcome Series flow, your Newsletter list, or to trigger other emails in Klaviyo. 

For example, many of our customers collect emails on an Unbounce landing page and then automatically target a series of emails to them before sending them newsletter campaigns.

Fully enabling Klaviyo's Unbounce integration will require steps both inside of Klaviyo and Unbounce. 

Enable Klaviyo's Unbounce Integration

To connect Unbounce to your account, navigate to your Klaviyo account's Integrations tab.

Here, you will see all available integrations listed in alphabetical order, so you should find Unbounce near the bottom of the page.

Once you click Add Integration, you will be brought to the Unbounce integration page. If you want to subscribe those who fill out an Unbounce form to a Klaviyo list, check the box for Subscribe people who fill out a form to a Klaviyo list and then select a Klaviyo list.

After updating all relevant settings, click Connect Unbounce

Update the Leads & Form Integrations Settings for Unbounce

After clicking Connect Unbounce in Klaviyo, you will be directed to a new page with a URL to use in the Leads & Form Integrations settings of your Unbounce page. 647891
You will want to add this URL in the URL to Post field under the WebHook: POST to URL integration.

You will also be asked to configure the mapping for this webhook. The most important thing to note here is that the email address field in your form must be mapped to "email". If this is mapped to any other value -- such as "your_email" -- Klaviyo will not be able to recognize this property as an email address and the webhook will get dropped. Also, mapping is case-sensitive and "email" should be formatted in lowercase.


Monitor the Klaviyo Sync 

To check your integration after you have added the Klaviyo webhook, subscribe a new lead through your Unbounce page. We will sync leads through a Filled Out Form metric in your Klaviyo account, which will have an Unbounce icon. You should see a new profile get created for this lead in your Klaviyo account, with a Filled Out Form event tracked in his/her Activity Feed. If you see this, you're all set for leads to sync moving forward!

In order for Klaviyo to record your leads, you must have "email" as a required field in your form. If a lead doesn't have an email address, Klaviyo will ignore it.

Ways to Use the Klaviyo/Unbounce Integration

  • Create a series of welcome emails that are triggered when someone enters an email on a form. The advantage of doing this through Klaviyo is that you can setup a 2-3 email Welcome Series, triggered by your leads being added to your newsletter.
  • Use Unbounce landing pages to collect additional information on customers or prospects then add that information to Klaviyo as an input in customer segmentation (that can be used side by side with purchase data).
  • Create lead nurturing campaigns for customers based on emails that come in through a landing page, but then stop emails once someone purchases through another system integrated with Klaviyo.
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