How to disable or remove a Klaviyo-built integration

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Learn how to disable or remove a Klaviyo-built integration in your account's Integrations tab. You may want to do this if you are no longer using a particular integration.

Before you begin

Integrations that are built by a different vendor need to be removed from the vendor's side. To remove a vendor-built integration, refer to the vendor's help center for instructions.

Disable or remove a Klaviyo-built integration

  1. In Klaviyo, click your account name in the lower left corner and select Integrations.
  2. Find the relevant integration (either under All Integrations, or under Enabled Integrations if the integration is currently enabled). 
  3. Once you've found the integration, click View Settings.
  4. In the upper righthand corner of the integration settings page, you will see two options: Disable and Remove. 
    • Disable will disable the integration, but settings information you might have shared (including credentials) will still be stored by Klaviyo's backend. This means that if you later decide to re-enable the integration, this information will repopulate automatically to facilitate this process.
    • Remove will disable the integration and remove all its stored information stored from Klaviyo's backend. This means that all settings, etc. will be fully removed from Klaviyo. If you choose to re-enable the integration in the future, no prior historical settings - such as credentials - will repopulate.
  5. Select either Disable or Remove.
    Mailchimp integration settings page in Klaviyo with Disable and Remove in blue in the upper right


You've now disabled or removed your selected Klaviyo-built integration.

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