How to Find the Unsubscribe Link and Unsubscribe Page for a List

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An unsubscribe link will take a customer directly to your Klaviyo-hosted unsubscribe page for your given list. If you need to access this unsubscribe link, follow the directions outlined below. 

Find the Unsubscribe Page for Your List

To find the unsubscribe link for a list, navigate to the Lists & Segments tab and click into the designated list.

Then, click the Subscribe and Preference Pages tab and select Unsubscribe.



You will be taken to the default unsubscribe page for this list which you can then edit directly.

Find the Unsubscribe Link for a List

To find the list's unsubscribe link, again, navigate to Lists & Segments and click into your list. Then, select the Settings tab. Scroll down to the Unsubscribes section where you will see your unsubscribe link.




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