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Initial Source tracks how a profile navigated to your website. This shows you the initial point of acquisition when a person first comes into contact with your brand. In this article, you will learn where to find this property on a profile and what the possible source values are.

Accessing Initial Source Information

Initial Source is represented by the Source property in the Information section of a profile, under How They Found You.


Possible Values

The designated value next to Source represents how a contact ended up on your website when Klaviyo's web tracking JavaScript first identified them. The possible values are:

  • (direct): The person either entered your site URL directly in their browser or, more likely, we don't know where the person came from.
  • (referral): The person came from another website by clicking a link on that site.
  • (organic): The person either came to your site from a search engine or via a campaign send. You'll see a custom value here if there was a "utm_campaign" set in the URL the person landed on.

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