How to pause an individual flow message

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Learn how to pause an individual flow message. After you create a flow, there may be cases in which you want to pause sending one or more messages within the flow. This only applies to emails or SMS that are currently live and sending out to your subscribers. 

If you want to pause all the messages in a flow, read How to Bulk Update Flow Statuses

Pause a flow message

To pause a message in a flow:

  1. Navigate to the Flows tab.
  2. Select on the name of the flow that contains the email or SMS you would like to stop sending.
  3. Update the sending status to manual or draft for the message you would like to pause sending. You can do this by clicking on the message card and choosing Manual or Draft from the dropdown in the left-hand panel. 

Both statuses will pause email and SMS sending. If you don't want contacts to be queued to receive the email or SMS, you can instead set the sending status to draft.

Messages in manual will continue to queue recipients, so if you would like to later send to these contacts, we recommend setting the status to manual. In manual mode, recipients will continue through the flow, even if the paused message is not sent manually to them.

Flow status dropdown with 'manual' status selected.

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