How to create a click-to-text sticker on Instagram

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Learn how to create a click-to-text sticker for Instagram stories so that your followers can subscribe to SMS updates with just a few clicks. 

Only those with a paid Klaviyo account and who have passed account verification can create a click-to-text sticker.

How the sticker will work

When clicked, the sticker will:

  1. Open up the individual’s messaging app 
  2. Automatically populate a message from Klaviyo that includes some type of subscribe keyword

All the person then needs to do is send this message, and they will opt into your SMS marketing efforts. This makes it simple for you to gather SMS subscribers and grow your list. 

Before you begin

Before you get started, note that 

Create a click-to-text sticker for SMS 

  1. In Klaviyo, navigate to Hosted Pages in your account
  2. Under Pages, click the plus symbol (+) to add a new page
  3. Name this page (e.g., clicktotext.tmpl)
    Modal to name the new hosted page
  4. Click Add Page
    1. Add the following code snippet to the page:
      <html lang="en">
      var phone_number = 'Your SMS sending number'
      var message = "Text JOIN to sign up for texts"
      var sms_string = 'sms://'+phone_number+'?&body='+encodeURIComponent(message);
  5. Check that you’ve replaced “Your SMS Sending Number” with your Klaviyo sending number
    • To find your Klaviyo sending number, go to Account > Settings > SMS
      Example of a code snippet where the SMS sending number has been replaced
  6. Optional: replace JOIN with a custom subscribe keyword 
  7. Click Preview 
  8. Copy the URL for the preview page 
  9. Click Save 
  10. Log in to your Instagram account 
  11. Swipe left to access the Instagram Story builder
  12. Take a new photo or click on the image selector icon in the bottom left to access your latest pics
  13. Click the sticker button on the top menu, which looks like a smiling face in a rounded square
    Example of image encouraging SMS signups along with disclosure language for Instagram story
  14. Select the Link sticker option
    Stickers options for an Instagram story
  15. Paste in the link you copied from the preview
  16.  Once added, click Done in the upper right
  17. Optional: tap and drag to reposition the sticker
    Example of an Instagram story with a click-to-text sticker for SMS signups
  18. Click Your Story to post it to your story


Once the post is live, anyone who clicks the sticker will be able to easily text you and consent to SMS marketing. This makes it easier for you to grow your list of SMS subscribers, allowing you to directly reach more people. 

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