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In order to improve upon and maintain good deliverability, it is essential to continually monitor your email performance with Klaviyo. The best way to do so is to monitor your campaign and flow opens, clicks, bounces, and spam rates. For complete information on how to do so, head to our article around How to monitor deliverability performance.

With this in mind, there are also several third-party tools that can help you monitor your sender reputation and deliverability performance.

Third-party deliverability tools

  • Google Postmaster Tools
    Google Postmaster Tools is an official Google sender reputation platform that is helpful if you send to a large number of Gmail users. Postmaster Tools helps align your sending with Gmail’s best practices, track whether or not your emails are securely sent, and monitor how many are delivered successfully or marked as spam.
  • Smart Network Data Services
    Smart Network Data Services is only applicable for Klaviyo users with a dedicated IP. It is the official Microsoft sender reputation platform that monitors your deliverability performance according to Hotmail and Outlook 365 email best practices.
  • Everest by Validity
    Everest offers insights on deliverability, list validation, design, DMARC management, analytics, and more.
  • Litmus
    Litmus allows you to preview emails in various email clients before sending. It also includes analytics to see how your customers are engaging with your emails, and pre-send testing that allows you to see where your emails are landing in different email clients' inboxes, including international clients. Learn about the Litmus Extension for Klaviyo (available in Google Chrome)
  • Email on Acid
    Email on Acid focuses on email testing. They enable email previewing, campaign precheck, and spam testing.
  • Kickbox
    Kickbox is a MA3WWG-certified list verification tool that integrates with Klaviyo. They ensure 99% of emails will reach the inbox when using their tool by reviewing the quality of your subscriber lists, inbox placement, active blacklist and DMARC monitoring, and pre-checking your email design and content for potential issues.
  • Postmaster Postmaster provides information and troubleshooting best practices for those who send to users. The main purpose is to help boost your sender reputation and overall email deliverability.
  • SparkPost Inbox Tracker
    SparkPost Inbox Tracker provides analytics insights (i.e., opens, deliveries, unsubscribes, etc.) at the ISP level. In addition, this tool provides insights on Gmail tab placement, ongoing assessments of spam complaints from email clients, and an audit tool to review over 30 key areas of your email before you send.
  • Folderly
    Folderly provides insights on your email deliverability rates, inbox placement, and an audit tool to review potential issues with your email infrastructure.
  • Inbox Monster
    Inbox Monster offers campaign performance monitoring, blocklist monitoring, and rendering testing.

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