Understanding list growth tools in Klaviyo

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Whether you're new to email marketing or already have a list of subscribers, continuing to build your audience with sign-up forms or subscribe pages is a critical part of any online marketing strategy.

This guide covers the various options for adding sign-up forms or subscribe pages with Klaviyo:

  • Sign-up forms
    Create and style popup, flyout, full-screen, and embedded forms inside your Klaviyo account that can then be published on your website.
  • Subscribe pages
    Embed a subscribe page on your site to serve as a landing page or link directly to a subscribe page in an email or elsewhere.
  • Legacy and custom sign-up forms
    Custom code your own popup, flyout, and embedded forms.
  • Third-party list growth tools
    There are a number of third-party tools that integrate with Klaviyo that you can use to build sign-up forms and still ensure that new subscribers flow into Klaviyo.

Want to learn more about acquisition strategies in Klaviyo? Head to our Academy course, creating an effective acquisition strategy using sign-up forms.

The sign-up form editor

The sign-up form builder allows you to build and style forms within your Klaviyo account. Navigate to your sign-up forms by clicking on the Sign-up forms tab, and check out our guide to creating a sign-up form to get started.

Legacy and custom sign-up forms

Klaviyo's legacy sign-up forms are customizable forms that can be added directly to your website. These forms must be custom coded, but you can find the default embed codes in the corresponding docs:

Check out all of our legacy sign-up form resources.

Subscribe pages

A subscribe page is a Klaviyo-hosted sign-up page that is automatically created for every list in your Klaviyo account. You can use a subscribe page when running contests or special promotions, or share the page's direct link in your emails or other marketing campaigns as an alternative way to grow your subscriber lists.

Note that you can collect phone numbers and SMS consent in your subscribe page to market to your audiences via SMS.

Upon list creation, each list will use your account's default subscribe page. You can find this default page by navigating to Account > Settings > Email Preference and Subscription > Subscribe pages.

You can also choose to customize a unique subscribe page for a particular list. Navigate to your list,  select Subscribe and Preference Pages > Customize for this List.

Use the editor to customize the style and design of your subscribe pages to match your brand. 

subscribe page editor showing the options to edit styles or add blocks to a form, or to copy the subscribe page URL

Third-party list growth tools

While Klaviyo allows you to design and use a number of different built-in sign-up forms, there are also many third-party list growth tools that offer additional features and integrate easily with Klaviyo. Contacts collected through any of the listed third-party tools will automatically flow into whatever list you choose in Klaviyo.

Search for list growth tools in Klaviyo's integrations directory

Sync existing forms to point to Klaviyo

If you are just starting out with Klaviyo but already have existing sign up forms on your website, you can modify your form to pass sign-ups to a list in your Klaviyo account. To start, use the following flow chart to find your next step:

flow chart to assist with how to modify pre-existing signup forms if you're just starting on Klaviyo

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