How to create and manage header blocks

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Learn how to use header blocks to easily create a navigation bar for reuse in all of your email templates. You have full control over how your headers will look on both desktop and mobile devices. 

Add a header block and select a layout

  1. Drag a Header/Link Bar block into your template
    A header link bar block
  2. Complete all fields in the Layout and Content sections
    • Click Add Link to add additional links, or click the trash can icon next to an existing link to remove it 
  3. Once you're satisfied with the appearance and content of your block, hover over the block and click the star icon to save it for future use
    The save icon for a block or section in a Klaviyo template
  4. Give your block a descriptive title like "Main Header Block", then click Create

When you add this block to other templates (by clicking Universal and dragging the block into a new template), changes made to the block in one template will apply to any other templates containing that block as well. Note that this functionality is available only in Klaviyo's new template editor. 

Interested in more tips for email design? Check out our Guide to email design for more information.

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