How to insert a dynamic image in an event-based flow email (classic editor)

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Learn how to personalize what each individual sees when they receive your email by inserting dynamic images into your templates. Because this process requires event data, this technique only works for event-based flow emails. The images come from the event that triggers the flow. For example, if your flow is triggered by a someone placing an order, you can access the event data and pull in any images associated with the order.

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Find the event information for the image

To insert a dynamic image, you must first find the event information for the image you would like to pull. In this example, we'll go through setting up a browse abandonment email, which is triggered by the viewed product event.

  1. Click into your default browse abandonment flow or create a new browse abandonment flow using the Browse Ideas button on the Flows page
  2. Click into the first email in the browse abandonment flow
  3. Click Edit > Edit Content to open the email template editor
  4. Preview the email
    • Event-based flow emails allow you to preview using data from a specific eventEvent data in the Klaviyo flow email preview tool
  5. Inside the Preview Email modal, scroll until you find the data source for the image you would like to include
  6. Click the variable name to see the image variable populate below
    The variable name for an image from the event 

Copy the image variable

Once you copy the image variable, you can use this in your email template. The exact image variable will vary by your store's platform and the type of event you are using to populate the image. For example, this variable will be different for abandoned cart or post-purchase emails.

Paste the image variable in the image library

You can use this image variable in an image block, dynamic table, or any other area of the product where you can insert an image.

  1. Navigate to the Placeholder tab within the image library (either in your image block or dynamic table block)
  2. Paste the image variable into the placeholder fieldThe placeholder tab of the image upload tool
  3. Preview your email to ensure that the variable is working correctly
    • If you don't see your image, double check that the event you're using the preview has the correct data. If there are any issues, try cycling to a new event.In the Klaviyo flow email event previewer, the option to toggle to the next event is highlighted

You can also double check that the image variable has been property pasted into your template.

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