How to edit images in the sign-up form and email template editors

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Learn about the image editing tools built into Klaviyo’s email template and sign-up form editors, and how you can leverage these tools for your own designs. 

When you add an image block to a form or email, you can apply simple edits to the image, like cropping, resizing, or adding text. If you need to make more complex changes, consider using a specialized image editing tool like Canva

Images in the SMS editor cannot be edited. 

Edit an image in Klaviyo 

To access Klaviyo’s image editor, add an image block to your email or form. Click Browse and select an image. 

Once you’ve chosen an image: 

  1. Click Edit (forms editor) or Edit Image (templates editor) to access the image editor.
  2. Choose an editing option, like Crop or Text.
  3. Follow the instructions for the editing option you’ve selected.
  4. Click Apply to apply the edits.
  5. Click Close to close the additional settings for that editing option, if available.
  6. Add any other edits as desired, always clicking Apply (then Close, for editing options with additional settings) when done. 
  7. Finally, click Save to save your work as a new image. 

Your edits will only be saved if you click Apply > Save. If you don’t click Save before closing the editor, your edits will not be saved. 

Additionally, every time you click Save, a new image is created. Once you save an image, you will not be able to make changes to your previous edits. Editing a previously-edited image will allow you to apply additional edits, but not remove or change your prior edits. You can find all your previously edited images in the Brand Library

Note that the default canvas background is black, so any unfilled areas (for example, behind rounded corners, or images with transparent backgrounds) will appear black once the image is saved. To avoid this, choose a different background color, like white, in the same editing session. 

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