Understanding display options (new editor)

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Learn about how display options can create a highly personalized experience for your email recipients. These settings enable you to choose which types of devices a block or section of content will appear on (i.e., desktop, mobile, or both), set a block to be visible only for recipients who meet certain criteria, and to repeat a block to reflect the items in a list (e.g., the items in an abandoned cart). 

These steps refer to Klaviyo's new template editor. If you are working in a classic editor template, create a new template to use the new editor.

Where to use display options 

Display options can be set for sections and specific blocks. These settings control which recipients will see each piece of content, as well as the intended device types for each block. 

Types of display options 

Device visibility 

Choose where your block or section will appear by device. To set all blocks in a section to display on either desktop or mobile devices only, toggle on Set same visibility for all blocks in this section in the section’s Display options tab, then select either Desktop or Mobile. To set a single block to display on only desktop or mobile devices, open the block’s Display Options, then select the device where it should appear. 

Show/hide logic

Individual blocks and entire sections can be shown to or hidden from recipients who meet certain criteria you set. 

As an example, consider a company that sells gardening supplies. They’ve used a form to ask their customers if they are more interested in flower gardens or vegetable gardens. When they send a campaign, they can use show/hide logic to show flower seed packets to those interested in flower gardening, and to show vegetable seeds to vegetable gardeners. 


When configuring your show/hide rules, it’s important to make sure that your block and section show/hide rules don’t conflict. For example, if a section is set to show to recipients in Canada, don’t set a block in that section to display only to recipients in Massachusetts. If you do, the block will be hidden for all recipients. 

Learn how to show or hide template blocks and sections based on a recipient’s profile information or event details. 

Content repeat

Individual blocks and entire sections can be set to repeat based on dynamic profile or event data. For example, in an order confirmation flow, the Content Repeat feature can be used to display a block for each item in the order. Within the block or section, dynamic variables can be added to display details about each specific item. 


Learn how to set up a section repeat

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