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Read about Klaviyo Showcase — a browsable collection of high-performing email and SMS messages that you can use as inspiration for your own messages. 

How to Use Klaviyo Showcase

Klaviyo Showcase is a constantly growing collection of 2,000+ user-created email and SMS campaigns built in Klaviyo. 

You’ll find campaigns from both small and large businesses across a variety of industries and use cases. Some are highly stylized, while others are simple or text-only. However, all of the examples performed extremely well. They are the best of the best, serving as inspiration for other brands.

You can browse through the Showcase to get ideas for what to try in your marketing campaigns, or simply see what has worked for others in your industry, for a certain holiday, and more. 

Filters for the Showcase

You can filter messages by: 

  • Channel
  • Campaign type 
  • Industry
  • Holidays
  • Metrics
  • Whether or not it includes a discount.
Campaign Types

Campaign types are broken into four categories:

  • Newsletter — keep your subscribers engaged with your brand in some way other than trying to get them to make a purchase now; e.g., blog, user feedback request, or non-sale event announcement
  • Notification — notify your subscribers of practical or important information as part of providing customer service; e.g., shipping delay or update, legal notice, or customer service details
  • Product announcement — encourage a subscriber to make a purchase by telling them details about your product(s); e.g., product launch, featured products, or best sellers
  • Promotion — entice a subscriber to make a purchase by alerting them of a way to save money; e.g., coupon, percent off, or giveaway

Campaigns are categorized into one of the above four types based on the main purpose of the message. Sometimes, a campaign may fall into multiple categories; however, this only applies when the main purpose of the message seems equally divided between two or more types.


Holidays are organized by month based on where they fall on the US calendar. 

By clicking the checkbox next to a given month, you’ll automatically select all holidays currently available within that month. 


The table below doesn’t include the list of available holidays, as we’re constantly working to add more. 

Channel Campaign Type Industries Metrics Discounts
Email Newsletter Apparel & Accessories High Open Rate Contains Discount Code
SMS Notification Food & Beverage High Click Through Rate Does Not Contain Discount Code
  Product Announcement Health & Beauty    
  Promotion Home & Garden    
    Sporting Goods    
    Toys & Hobbies    

Who Can Access the Showcase

You must have a Klaviyo account to access the Showcase. If you go to Klaviyo Showcase, you will only be able to view the content once you log in with your Klaviyo credentials. 

How Messages Are Picked

We are currently not accepting requests to be part of the Showcase. 

Klaviyo Showcase features only the best-performing campaigns. An algorithm reviews campaigns sent through Klaviyo, adjusting for factors that affect performance, including: 

  • Channel (email or SMS)
  • Type of campaign
  • Company size
  • Industry
  • Audience engagement

Based on these factors, our algorithm has different performance thresholds required to nominate a campaign to the Showcase. It then identifies the top-performing email and SMS campaigns accordingly. For instance, an email newsletter from a small jewelry business sent to a small number of engaged users will be evaluated differently than a clearance sale email blast sent from a large furniture company to a broad recipient list.

The top campaigns are sent to the Showcase team at Klaviyo. The team then manually reviews the messages to make sure there’s no inappropriate content or spammy language. 

For campaigns that pass this check, the account owner will receive an email from the Showcase team asking if they want to participate. If the owner doesn’t explicitly agree to be part of Klaviyo Showcase, the campaign will not be added. 

If the owner does provide consent, the message will show up in the Showcase within a week. Any of the recipients’ personal information, such as name, phone number, and email, will automatically be changed to generic information (e.g., John Doe, 12345678910, etc.).

How to Agree or Not Agree to Be in the Showcase

If your campaign is selected to be included in the Showcase, congratulations! In the Showcase, you’ll provide inspiration to other creators while also allowing people to discover your brand. However, we understand that may not be of interest and you are not comfortable with sharing your campaign. You are under no obligation to add your campaign if selected.

Agree to Take Part

For your campaign to be added to the Showcase, you must agree. 

The only way to do so is by using the button in the email sent to you: 

  1. Go into the email where the Showcase team asked to use your example
  2. Click the consent button

Replying to the email will not work, as the original message is sent from a no-reply email address. 

Refuse to Take Part

If you don’t want to be added to the Showcase, there is no action you need to take after getting the email. If you ignore it, your example will not appear in the Showcase. 

Revoke Your Agreement

If you accidentally clicked the consent button or later decide to revoke your consent, reach out to support and:

  1. Request that your campaign be removed 
  2. Provide a link to the campaign 

The campaign will then be removed as soon as possible.

What’s Not Included in the Showcase

Currently, the Showcase is limited to campaign messages; it doesn’t show any forms, flows, or flow messages. Further, it only includes campaigns sent in English. In the future, we hope to expand Klaviyo Showcase to include content in other languages as well.

The Showcase provides thousands of examples of what’s possible in Klaviyo as well as what has worked well for others. The messages are displayed in the Showcase as images, and therefore, you cannot directly copy the message HTML to your account or automatically generate a template from any of the messages. 

All that said, Klaviyo is continuously looking to improve the Showcase, and there are a number of new features that we are currently looking into. We will continue to expand the collection, including more holidays, campaign types, and industries as time goes on. Stay tuned!

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