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Learn how to display your brand’s logo in recipients’ inboxes next to your from address using Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI). Implementing BIMI can increase brand recognition, legitimize your business, and boost deliverability by building trust with your recipients. 

What is BIMI? 

BIMI uses your DNS settings to authenticate your visual brand identity in emails you send. This technology allows brands to control the logo used in inboxes when they send messages, in order to build trust and brand recognition. Gmail, Yahoo, and certain versions of Apple support BIMI. See an up to date list of inboxes that support BIMI. 

An example of an email heading with a BIMI logo

To add a brand logo in Outlook inboxes, use Bing Pages

Prepare your account for BIMI

BIMI Group sets certain requirements to ensure BIMI is used appropriately and doesn’t mislead any recipients or allow a sender to impersonate another brand. In order to implement BIMI, your brand must take the following steps: 

Implement BIMI 

Once you’ve completed all the prerequisites, follow the BIMI implementation steps provided by Validity. Note that Klaviyo has no direct control over the issuance of VMCs or implementation of BIMI. If you have questions or concerns about implementing BIMI, contact BIMI Group directly. 

BIMI is only supported by certain inboxes. Implementing BIMI will not impact how your message appears to recipients using non-supported inboxes. 

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